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International volunteering is an experience full of emotions and meanings that often represents the acquisition of a new awareness of the world surrounding us. The immersion for a period in a Nation and a Culture completely different from our culture – often in poor and humanitarian emergency conditions – it is a great act of solidarity and also a valuable contribution to the personal growth of the individual.


Where can I volunteer?

There are several options, but the main continents are: Africa, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

How long does the volunteering period last?

It depends! Each project and association has different needs, but generally it lasts at least one month and at most one year. If you are looking for shorter projects you can visit the section Work Camps

So many questions…

Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

Sometimes, it seems weird that you have to pay to work. However, we should think about the fact that the associations where the service is given provide the room and board and any other logistic support in order to move and work. All this has a cost and the hosting associations cannot face all these needs alone. This is way a monthly contribution is needed; the contribution is normally around EUR 150 per month, but we suggest you to visit the project specific section and check. Moreover, take into account that our participation fees are among the cheapest, because we do not make a business with this activity.


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