DO-IT is a KA2 Project, co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme, whose consortium is made of partners from:

● Belgium
● Italy
● Spain
● Greece

Status: Approved and completed

Purpose of the project

The DO-IT project (Digital Competences to Teach Youth With a Migrant Background) aims at analysing the best practices put in place in the education and learning sectors, to cope with the issues arose due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on young people with a migrant background, considered as a disadvantaged category. The partnership, indeed, include organisations that – through their activities – deal with teachers, educators, youth workers, researchers that, across their professional work, have been in contact with young migrants over the pandemic and the lockdown. The overall objective is to collect data about their experiences (using mainly questionnaires and in-depth interviews) and write a final publication, that includes both the research’s results and examples on the best practices, plus the use of innovative digital tools. Moreover, the project intends to develop new digital skills in teachers and educators who work with young migrants. and to promote such digital skills’ recognition throughout non-formal education.

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